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is where one starts from. — T.S. Eliot

Red Barn — painting by Michael Papit

Spaces Start Simply

Ideas are always alive. They begin their emergence in the simplest things, then stay with you until you need them for a design, a motif, a painting, or simply just for inspiration.

A Sense of Place

The things that are your everyday, bring life to a home.

Mell, napping on the porch.


Design inspiration is in the smallest things.

A Hummingbird's nest, made almost entirley from horse's hair.


Start simple, with pencil and paper.

Project sketch — click sketch to see the project transform:

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See Everything

Hay Rake in Winter Field, Brownsburg.

iPhone photo by Michael Papit

Custom Residential Architecture Design, serving the State of Virginia, from the Bay to beyond the Blue Ridge.

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Springhouse Studio

Brownsburg, VA (in Rockbridge County
in-between Staunton and Lexington)

Mailing Address:

2669 Sterrett Road

Raphine, VA 24472


Tel: 540-894-3436

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