After a long hiatus from the world of fine art, Michael found a new muse and inspiration from the surrounding natural beauty of Rockbridge County.


His acrylic paintings feature the farms  and faces that surround his home in the rural village of Brownsburg.


Here are some samples of the variety and scope of paintings starting

from 2013.

"No person who is not a great sculptor or painter can be an architect. If he is not a sculptor or painter, he can only be a builder."


— John Ruskin 

Michael is the winner of the 2015 Bath County Art Show's, Garth Newell Music Center award for, "Outstanding Contemporary Artist".

Red Barn

Prideful Goat

Bug in Blue

Winter Show

Gallery Opening at Ox Eye

Red Barn in Snow

Sunny Cow

Rescued Me, Max Bear, Jr.

How Now, Proud Cow

Rockbridge Landscape

Howell Sleeping

Young Bull

Quartermoon Books at Topsail Beach

An Artist's Favorite Place

Pig in Profile

Prideful Sheep

Jump Mountain

Love Bug

Misty Sky

Charlie Lama

Study of Barns & Sky

First Place / Spotty in Profile

Fundraiser for the SPCA

Late Night Cow

Snow Scene

Modern Cow

Fall Field

Work in progress

Springhouse Studio

Study of Lama

Big Eyed Bull

Hillside Barn

Red Bull

Oxe Eye Winery, Staunton VA

Tasting Room Gallery

Handsome Cody

Reclining Bull

Carnegie Hall, Lewisburg, WVA

July 2016 Featured Artist

Red Rooster

Early Morning Sky

It's a Red Nose Pig, Dear

Lavendar Sheep

Rcokbridge Vineyard, Raphine VA

2017 Featured Artist