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Let's Make it Your Space

Getting Started
From Virginia's bay, to the mountains, urban or rural, custom homes, second homes, retirement homes, and dream homes, all start with the right architect.

Creating great architecture takes talent, creativity, skill, and a vision for a space. Creating a great architectural project takes experience, collaboration, and good communication.


Located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Papit Architecture & Design has over 30 years of experience that combine to give clients both the great space they want and

the project experience they expect.


It's your time. An exciting time of creating a new

home, or, doing a renovation just the way you

want. It's what you have been waiting for,

so let's get started.

Michael Papit, AIA

Architect & Artist

Leader of his pack, sometimes.

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The value of good work is in both the conceptual design and the project planning. From the first time I set foot on your site, the design and planning process begins. From there, it's a matter of working closely with clients to create a space with the exacting details that fit every individual need and aesthetic. As a contractor once said, "Mike is able to give people great design, and, what they want."


As your architect I am also your advocate on the project, helping with construction questions, budget decisions, and project scheduling. I advise my clients on new technologies, energy efficiency, green construction, and can provide the best consultants and engineers for every job.

> Education: Master of Architecture, Virginia Tech

Bachelor of Fine Art, Virginia Commonwealth University


> Architectural License: Virginia, and North Carolina

National NCARB Certification


> Member of the American Institute of Architects



Michael lives in Rockbridge County, just just north of Lexington, Virginia, with his wife Dee, and a bunch of critters. He makes his home in a renovated 1936 Sears Kit House — The Vallonia Bungalow — whose materials were shipped to nearby Fairfield by train, then hauled to the site in Brownsburg by horse and wagon. He is an avid artist and his paintings can be found in area shows and galleries including, Ox Eye Winery's tasting room in Staunton, Virginia.

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Meet the studio Pack

Max & Sydney

Security Detail

We don't know how to use a phone.

Millie, Socks, Spotty,
& Jane Doe

Administrative Assistants

Don't ask us to work.


Social Media Intern

I just showed up on the porch for a meal.

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